Quantifying Personality
For Better Quality

Empowering employers in their selection of candidates by quantifying personality traits to minimize the chances of a bad hire

Traitily Story
Traitily is a digital solution that allows employers to assess the suitability of candidates by analyzing responses of a series of assessments that measures one:-
Problem SolvingProblem Solving Skills
CognitiveAbility to Process Information

We also measure a candidate's frank and candidness when answering the assessments via our Good Impression score

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Get a job that fits your personality
We find you jobs that are matched to your personality
Traitily emphasizes on looking for jobs that match your personality through our detailed behavioural assessments which measures your character traits and recommends jobs with the highest possibility of success.
Eliminate biasness
We eliminate external and internal biasness
Irregardless of race, beliefs or gender, Traitily will recommend you jobs that emphasizes on who you are and how well you can fit into a job role.
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I'm an Employer
Get talents that fit your culture
We recruit you candidates that fit your job profile
We do the work for you. We have an employer management dashboard that is easy to navigate. Just fill in the key points of the role you are looking to hire and our algorithm and assessments will take care of the rest for you.
Find Suitabl Candidate
Filter candidate
We filter candidates so you don’t have to
We assist in the acquisition process by enabling our algorithm to filter candidates and provide you a better understanding on the candidate you may be hiring. In doing so we minimise your probability of a bad hire. All our reports are easy to digest and straight to the point.
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