October 2021 - Tily Times

Red Light, green light. Honeycomb cookies. Glass Bridges. Marbles. Key cards with shapes on them. If you know any of the aforementioned items then you have definitely jumped aboard the Squid Game bandwagon which has gripped the entire world to the point where it is now set to become the biggest Netflix show ever. Just […]

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for these past few weeks, there is no way you could have escaped Squid Game mania. It’s got everyone hooked and it’s got everybody curious. It has all the essentials of a modern day thriller. There are enough plot twists and shock factors to keep you on the […]

Squid Game. The Netflix phenomenon that has had the world in its tentacles for these past few weeks. Everywhere you look, there is no escaping this Korean experience. From coffee bars to public railway systems, everyone has jumped on board the Squid Game express. And why not? The show is diverse and it hits all […]

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