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Are You An Eternal?

Have you ever wondered what makes us who we are?
What type of personalities are we born with and how much of our personalities can we change?

A quote by famed American philosopher Benjamin Franklin goes, “There are three things that are extremely hard-  steel, a diamond, and the need to know one’s self.” That can often feel very true and learning more about our personality can help us understand why we behave the way we do, how we can change it, if needed and how to use it to our advantage especially when it comes to our career journey.

The past few decades have showed us that popular personality questionnaires like Myers Brigg have been very popular in a lot of organizations but recent studies have shows that the five factor model of personality or the Big Five sort of supersedes all the other personality assessments. The Big Five traits are five major traits along which all human behavior varies. They are Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism, or commonly known as the OCEAN traits. 

Believe it or not, some of the characters in Marvel’s latest outing, The Eternals showcase high levels of the OCEAN traits. Wanna know more or see how you stand against them? Read on!


Sersi is a great example of someone who scores high in openness. She is curious. She has a wide range of interests. And she is open to exploring new horizons. She focuses alot on her feelings and ideas and tends to act based on her heart. What do you think? Are you like Sersei?


No one exudes conscientiousness more than the charismatic Ikaris. He is mentally strong and is very goal driven. Dependable and hardworking, Ikaris knows that being impulsive and careless will be his downfall therefore everything he does is thought through properly. Do you feel you think like Ikaris? If you are a planner, regularly stay in touch with those around you and love organization, then your career path could most possibly be in the vicinity of HR, finance, project management and the field of science to some extent.


Outgoing, full of energy, warm and sociable. This describes the mighty Phastos to a T. He is a family man at heart and he is at home in crowds. People scoring high in extroversion also tend to be risk takers as evident in him being open about his lifestyle choice. Extraverts tend to have very public facing roles such as jobs in sales, marketing, teaching and politics. 


Ajak, the empathetic, helpful, trusting and good natured worldly leader is the public symbol for Agreeableness. As a healer, people naturally gravitate towards her and her magnetic aura. Agreeable people tend to find careers in areas where they can help the most. Do you think you have Ajak in you?


This is a trait characterized by moodiness and emotional instability. Individuals scoring high on neuroticism tend to be aloof and a loner. Druig displays this trait to the max. Some would say he is sort of an introvert but did you know, you can be an extrovert and still display high levels of neuroticism.

Who do you identify with? And do you think their Big Five personality trait matches yours? Remember, personality is what we are whilst behavior is what we do.

You can temporarily change what you do but you are unable to alter what you are. Your personality has a huge influence on who you are personally and professionally. In fact, personality plays an essential role in explaining some of the variation in work performance; some people are well organised and some are carefree. Some people are shy while others are more outgoing. 

You can read more on The Big Five Personality Traits here.
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And you can head on over to our website at to do your own assessment and see how your personality traits can help you capture your dream job.     

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