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How Squid Game (and Traitily) Can Help You Find The Perfect Candidate.

Squid Game. The Netflix phenomenon that has had the world in its tentacles for these past few weeks. Everywhere you look, there is no escaping this Korean experience. From coffee bars to public railway systems, everyone has jumped on board the Squid Game express. And why not? The show is diverse and it hits all the right emotions. Exactly like a regular recruitment process. Let me prove it to you and also show you how Traitily can help you find the right candidate. 

Candidates applying for a job.

Red Light. Green Light.
We all know what it’s like. The moment a job vacancy comes up and we post it on the various recruitment platforms, we get hit with dozens of applications that it takes forever to sort through everything and shortlist a good number. Much like the first game in Squid Game, the main task is to narrow down the numbers to a much more qualified pool of applicants. Red Light you’re out. Green Light you’re in. And of course there is also a deadline you have to work with, much like the intimidating doll in the game, you feel the pressure on you all the time. So why not let Traitily help you with this? We can be your Ali in this aspect. We can help narrow down all the applications to a much more manageable number based on certain preset skills with our filtering algorithm.

Making The Cut.

Remember the honeycomb game? This is a question that is always in every employer’s mind when it comes to new hires. Will the new guy make the cut or will he fail? Most of the time we won’t be able to tell from just resumes and interviews. Here at Traitily we can help you find the right people to fit your company’s requirements and also increase the probability of them being a valuable asset with our various assessments. We can show you more than what’s on the surface.

Candidates doing their best to make the cut.

Don’t Lose Your Marbles.

In essence, every recruitment process is sort of a gamble. You can decide on a highly qualified candidate and hire her but you will never know her compatibility until she takes the job. Traitily can help reduce the chances of a mismatch and increase the chances of a win for you with our complex jobfit score algorithm. We have 258 job categories in our database that cover a wide variety of jobs and we will be able to let you know how much of a match each candidate is to your vacancy based on their jobfit score. 

Life is a definite gamble.

“There won’t be any discrimination between men and women in your future.”

When this iconic line was uttered, it forever changed the course of the game. Here at Traitily, this is our aim too. We want to eliminate bias when it comes to recruitment. Taking away the need for gender, age, race and background. Our mechanics allows us to give you options on the best candidates for your jobs purely based on the applicant’s personality and jobfit score. 

“And in that moment I felt as if I owned the entire world.”

In the end, this is what we all want. And Traitily can help you as an employer feel this way. Contact us for a free demo or check out our website and get a feel of what we can offer you.

Do you think your candidates have what it takes?

Image Credit: Netflix

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