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How To Be The Best While Working From Home.

A few years ago, the thought of working from home while maintaining a full time corporate job would have been met with sneers or even that look of “are you crazy?”. Very few people and companies would have been able to make it work. Fast forward to present day and mobile working is now totally the new way of life. Like it or not, this concept of working is here to stay as many employers are seeing the benefits of it and many job seekers are viewing this as an option for their careers.

So what does this mean if you’re one of those who needs an office environment to hit all your KPIs and to be the top of your class? Fret not little one.. let me help you. Give me 15 minutes of your time today and let me attempt to help you be the most productive employee while working from home. Ready?


The Writing’s On The Wall
Psychologically the best way to get into any sort of mode is to step into its environment. When you wanna workout, you head to the gym. When you wanna pray, you head to church. Ergo, when you wanna work, you head to the office, sit at your desk, adjust your seat and switch on your desktop/laptop. How do you do this at home? Simple! Set a designated work space for yourself. Somewhere where you would have the least distraction from home life and also a space where you can disconnect from work when necessary. This space should have natural lighting (better for your mental and physical wellbeing), proper ventilation and a good internet connection!! A corner space, a store room with a nice window, a balcony, a quiet cove in the kitchen, a small part of your bedroom, all this works just as long as your able to focus on the work at hand with less distractions. This also means, the moment you step into this space you automatically go into work mode and once you’re out from it you are able to disconnect. Cos I believe this is the one thing that hinders many people from the thought of working from home. Our home is our safe space and if we bring work into our home, where are we gonna escape to after this? Therefore it is very important to be able to draw these lines of a designated working space in your home. Invest in a good chair, somewhere you’ll be able to sit for 8 hours without hurting your back. Or do what most modern companies do, work from a low desk with a bean bag. Very hipster 🙂


Tomorrow Never Dies
Define your working hours. Have this discussion early on with your teammates (superiors and subordinates) and stick to it. Don’t let anyone bully you into thinking just because your home is now your office, you are available 24/7 to work when needed. Nope. mobile working doesn’t work that way. Stick to the agreed working hours unless it’s something mega urgent but don’t make a habit of it.


A View To A Kill
During an interview when asked “What’s the one challenge you foresee yourself facing when working from home?”, many candidates replied they are worried about distractions at home. The urge to constantly snack, nosey parents, meddlesome children, noise from the neighbours, delivery guys, pets needing attention and the list goes on. All this can be avoided first and foremost with an open and honest communication with everyone at home. Let them know these are your working hours and you are not to be disturbed unless the house is on fire. Also, another advantage of working from home is the fact that you can also attend to household stuff without actually rushing home or taking time off work to do so. BUT this is a fine line that should not be crossed often. Just because you’re WFHing, does not mean you can or should clear out your closet during office hours or reorganize your spice cabinets. Remember what I said earlier about defining your working hours? Yup, you should be disciplined enough to stick to it. Small things like running the laundry or marinating the chicken for dinner is okay but nothing huge that will ultimately distract you from work.


Diamonds Are Forever
I know I know one of the advantages of working from home means no longer having to dress up or putting on make up but trust me, this small things help get you in the right state of mind for work. Get up, shower, put on a shirt or blouse, apply some lipstick and get to work at your new work desk. This little “mind tricks” will definitely put your body into the right mode for the day. Which leads us to the next point.


Nobody Does It Better
Have a routine! Just like how you would commute to work back in the day, keep that routine even when working from home. No I don’t mean you have to pretend to get into your car before work starts. Instead fall into a routine of waking up, doing a little exercise (go for a run/jog, do some HIIT, yoga), have a nice breakfast, shower and get dressed then log on. Do the same when logging off. Fall into a routine, fix yourself a drink or get a workout going. shower and youre done. At the end of the day, most of us are worker bees and routine helps set the tone for us.


License To Kill
Always have a to do list. Either prepare it the night before or first thing in the morning. And work your way through it. If you need to then reward yourself after you complete each task. Having a to do list ensures we stay on track. I personally make a to do list every morning before I begin my shift, I even put in trivial stuff like drinking one litre of water before 12pm. Cos trust me at the end of the day, when you see how many items you’ve crossed off, it’ll make you feel so much better about yourself and it keeps you motivated too!


Living Daylights
One of the thing we lose when working from home is socializing. All the office chatter, the lunch hour catch up, the gossip and just the regular feel of interacting with people. There are ways of counteracting this tho. Always keep an active connection with your team mates via the dozens of platforms available. Play some music. Where possible have a daily touch base call to see where everyone’s at. Remember, no man is an island and we all need human interaction to persevere so don’t do a Celine Dion All By Myself okay? You’re never alone.


And that’s it! Hopefully this little tips can help you become the best you can be regardless where you’re working from. Above all, always keep an open mind in everything you do and never be afraid to reach out when in doubt.

Stay safe everyone.

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