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Job Hunting? Here’s What Squid Game Can Teach You.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for these past few weeks, there is no way you could have escaped Squid Game mania. It’s got everyone hooked and it’s got everybody curious. It has all the essentials of a modern day thriller. There are enough plot twists and shock factors to keep you on the edge of your seats and every episode keeps you wanting more. Most of us can identify with some of the characters in the show and their stories radiate with us.

And when you think about it, the job market can seem like a big game arena too where only the best come out on top as winners. Everyone is equipped with their own skills and experience and more often than not, it’s a competition that pits you against other eager competitors. So how do you make sure you win the race?

Squid Game has some life lessons that you can use to your advantage in your hunt for the perfect job. 

Red Light. Green Light

Two things we can learn from here. One, always take steps towards your goal even if you have to constantly change your strategies. Remember the turning point when it was pointed out the best way to survive is to get behind someone? That’s a definite strategy. We’re not saying you should stand behind someone all your life. Just make sure you always have a plan to succeed. And if Plan A doesn’t work, move to Plan B. Two, keep your eye on the timer! This is essential in a race. Always know what’s the latest trends, keep yourself up to date with current situations so that you don’t lose your advantage.

The Honeycomb Game.

Remember, everything you do in life is your choice. Sure, sometimes we make bad decisions but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. This game taught us to be equipped, to always have leverage over the competition. In the game, one of the advantages one of the players had was a needle and a lighter. Likewise, equip yourself with the proper skills and go into a job interview knowing everything inside out and you should come out on top.

The Glass Bridge

The biggest takeaway from this game is.. If you’re not sure of something, get professional help. Ask someone who has more experience, someone who is more skillful than you. It doesn’t hurt to ask and probably won’t cost you much either and trust me, you’ll be happy you did.

The Characters.

Just like in real life, every character in Squid Game has their own personalities. Are you like Sae Byeok? Quiet, always observing and learning? Or are you more like Gi Hun – an extrovert, who relies more on his feelings? We have seen that each type of personality excelled at different aspects of the different games and also in the personal relationships between the characters.

In that essence, Traitily can help you discover the best kind of job for your personality through a series of assessments. We pride ourselves on matching our candidates to the best possible job that matches their personality, eliminating biases that come with regular recruitment processes.

Log on to our website now and take that first step to discovering your true potential.

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