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Life Happens. Coffee Helps.

The mere mention of the word instantly perks me up. Just the anticipation of making a nice mug of coffee instantly puts me in a good mood. The smell of the coffee ground or beans, the clanging of the spoon against the glass as you mix your drink, the sound of the coffee machine (if you’re fancy) and that first sip.. You feel it permeating your body, giving you life and you know for sure everything is going to be alright. Nothing beats a good caffeine hit and in today’s world, we are spoilt for choice! From your various types of cold brews to your exotic slow drips, from the hundred flavours of instant coffee at the supermarket aisles to your dime a dozen brick and mortar coffee bars, there is just so much to choose from!

On that note, let me help you narrow down your decision making when it comes to exquisite one of a kind coffee available here in the Klang Valley. I’ve found five very amazing coffee bars that may be of interest to you. Excellent customer service from all five of them and super great tasting coffee as well and not to mention cute packaging!! I should also mention, this isn’t a paid review and neither Traitily or myself are affiliated with any of these coffee bars. Just wanted to share what I thought is good. So here you go!


The Brew Experts
Based in SS2, these guys are top notch in their customer service, specializing in cold brew both black and white. They constantly have promotions and I believe their currently running a Buy 6 Free 1 bottle. Flavours include Black, Latte, Hazelnut Latte and my personal fav – Caramel Latte. Bottles start from RM10. Is the coffee good? You bet your sweet ass it is!



Third Mug KL
“Freshly handcrafted with real ingredients” that’s their tagline. This fun coffee bar is completely virtual and offers the Kyoto style Hojicha latte as well as the Uji Matcha latte. Can’t go wrong here! They’ve also got their own signature blends of cold brews and drip bag boxes. Prices start from RM13. I am personally in love with the aforementioned Hojicha latte.



Kopi Dua Darjat
Not so much into designer coffee or cold brew? Then Kopi Dua Darjat is the place for you! Serving you traditional coffee that you’ll usually get at your mamak or warungs sweetened with condensed milk and sugar. This is where you get your Kopi O Kaw but in a more modern setting, if that makes sense. Haha. A definite must try is the Kopi Borneo. Prices start from RM6.



Department of Coffee
This one is a super cool coffee bar. I am in love with their packaging. You’ll see what I mean when you check out their page. Perfect for gifts. And guess what? All their coffee comes with an option of regular milk, soy milk or oat milk! Perfect for those of us who are vegan or simply lactose intolerant. Perfectly strong coffee with just the right touch of designer.

Third Project KL
Another outlet specializing in cold brews, the coffee here comes with a kick. No added sugar, additives or preservatives. Prices starting from RM15, which is abit on the pricier side but worth all the coffee beans, trust me.


So there you go my coffee aficionados, hope this little list helps with your caffeine cravings. Since we can’t go out to our favorite coffee bars, the next best thing to do is support your local businesses and have your coffee at home instead!

Remember, nothing in life can’t be fixed with a perfect cup of coffee.







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