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Wellness Trends of 2021

With the year that was 2020, many of us are feeling the pandemic fatigue. Some more than others. With the light at the end of the tunnel almost within our grasps, there is still a lot of room for adjustments as we come to terms with what is now the new norm.

Aside from the usual concerns about finance, work and of course health, we shouldn’t forget to take care of ourselves as we live hand in hand with this new companion of ours. Here are some wellness trends that are taking over the world to get you started on the bandwagon. Who knows maybe some of these could be inspiration for you that kick off your new business venture.

Virtual Fitness

This form of workout is here to stay as more gyms and fitness centres are exploring this option of working out from home. It’s easier, it’s social distancing compliant and you don’t have to “dress up” anymore. You can do everything from the comforts of your own home and there isn’t a limitation on how many people can fit into a class. From yoga to Zumba, from body combat to taekwondo, everyone is on this new fitness trend. And it works cos you can end your meeting at 5:25pm and attend your class at 5:30pm all from the comforts of your home.

Compact Workouts
Just like Virtual Fitness, the compact workout or snackable workouts is also fast becoming the new norm. Just a quick 30 minutes workout whenever convenient. Gone are the days of hour long classes with 15 minutes of warm up/cool down. With everything going on at home, these short but sweet workouts are the best way to get yourself fit as you can schedule them throughout the day, in between work tasks without worrying about traffic or what to wear.

Simpler Skincare Regime

Working from home has also shown a drastic shift in skincare routines. With no need for excessive make up routines, beauty companies have shifted their products and marketing to be geared towards an easier, less time consuming regimes. Just cleanse, tone and moisturize and you’re done!

Digital Detox
Have you experienced any of the following? Constantly reaching for your phone, having not enough time in a day, always motivated by the fear of missing out on something, then chances are you may need a digital detox. And what exactly is a digital detox? This is when a person stops using technology like smartphones and computers. While not everyone can get rid of technology entirely, what we can do is take breaks to focus on other parts of life. A digital detox can help you lower the stress and physical effects of constant technology use. Three easy ways to do this detox: a) Switch off your notifications, b) Enjoy more paper based media and c) set physical/time boundaries – only use your smartphones at certain times of the day and keep it in another room when necessary.

Regardless of what the world throws at us, always remember to look after yourself. Stay safe!



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