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Reinventing Yourself in the Pandemic Era

The thought of jumping into a new career isn’t something that should be taken lightly especially during these tumultuous times where nothing is ever certain and everything is constantly changing. But don’t let the realities of the current moment side track you from realizing your full potential.

A Whole New World

The moment you feel the itch, scratch it. Don’t ignore it. It’s your psyche telling you it’s time to grow or it’s time for a new chapter of your life. Just like Princess Jasmine when Aladdin takes her on the magic carpet ride, she had no idea that a whole new world awaited her outside her comfort zone. As daunting as it was, she took a chance, stepped off that ledge and her world changed for the better. Sometimes all it takes is that first step. It could be something from as simple as updating your resume to registering yourself on

Write On Me
Immediately start updating your resume. Check out Traitily’s top ten tips on building the perfect resume here. When in doubt, talk it out with someone whose opinion you value. Doesn’t have to be a superior or a loved one, it can be someone who has their feet firmly on the ground and who can give you their honest opinions. Don’t be afraid to talk about your fears and anxieties. Talking about life changing decisions really helps to clarify your worries. Plus it doesn’t really hurt to have a second and sometimes third opinion on what you want to

Stuck Wit U
Once you’ve made up your mind about looking for a new role, always remember that you won’t be able to do this on your own. Get help from your personal network – friends, family, former workmates and get them to keep an eye out for potential roles that may suit you. You may also consider getting a “job buddy” to help support you. Exactly like a workout partner, team up with someone who is also looking for a new role and use each other as motivators and build a support system between the two of you.

Everything I Wanted
Really take the time to reevaluate yourself and if you’re stumped, we at Tratily can definitely help via our personality assessments. We can give you indications (based on your assessments) on what works best for you. Robin Pou, a chief advisor and strategist who works with executives and entrepreneurs has this to say about job switching – Don’t focus on what you’re running from, figure out what you’re running toward. Why do you want to launch this new career?”

And that’s it! Don’t be afraid to take that first step into realizing your true potential. Even if you decide later on that you wanna be status quo for awhile, that’s okay, just as long as you know your potential and your true calling.

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