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Year End Holiday Mode!

It’s almost the end of the year!!
And you know what that means – Parties! Holidays! Christmas! New Year’s!

It’s the season of super fun events and with the way the world is quickly getting back on track, looks like everyone is out to give themselves a reason to celebrate, relax and unwind.

If you haven’t’ already made your December plans, let us give you some suggestions that are pocket friendly yet fun filled. Don’t worry, you won’t see any Ipoh, Melaka, Langkawi or Penang on our list. No disrespect to any of those destinations but let’s aim for something less jammed packed, okay?



You have to be living under a rock for the past few years if you’ve never heard of this new haven for chill relax vibes. Known for its lush paddy fields and old skool charm, Sekinchan is the place you want to go when you just want to get away from it all.

Also known for super cheap seafood, you will be spoilt for choice when you’re here. A quick check on Google will also reveal tons of quaint places to eat. Don’t expect fine dining kind of stuff tho.. Sekinchan offers you a step back in time as you enjoy your food forgetting that you live in a concrete jungle back home.

While in Sekinchan, don’t forget to check out the infamous Sekinchan Wishing Tree and make a wish as you tie your ribbon on one of it’s branches. If you’re looking for a place to stay, we highly recommend The Padi Box which is Sekinchan’s famous container hotel constructed out of recycled freight containers. Another must do in Sekinchan is the N16 Cafe. Very famous among aspiring influencers and instafamous wannabes for its iconic bus. Don’t believe us? Just google N16 Cafe Sekinchan and see what’s the first image that pops up.



Let’s face it, everytime the name Cherating is mentioned the first thing anyone thinks of is Club Med Cherating. For a long time Club Med has held its dominance over Cherating but what if we told you there is more to this sleepy seaside town than just Club Med? Dont believe us? Let us prove you wrong.

Fireflies! Always wondered about this amazing creatures? Book an evening trip with the various mangrove exploration companies available and check out these amazing beauties in their natural habitat.

Check out the turtle sanctuary! Always wanted to learn more about Malaysia’s main marine life? Look no further. The sanctuary cares for the turtles from hatchlings right up to adulthood. You can get up close and personal with these beautiful sea creatures and donate to a good cause at the same time.

There is also a very famous river cruise that you should explore. Mangroves, local wildlife, interesting stories – all part and parcel of this cruise which takes about an hour. Be sure to pack your mosquito repellants tho!

Food!! Trip are never complete without checking out the local food scene. And trust us, Cherating has a lot to offer. From Marion’s Cafe with it’s amazing French patisserie to Ombok Cafe that’s a great spot for lunch, your options are endless. While on the beach, dont forget to check out Don’t Tell Mama beach cafe. They have excellent smoothies here.

And of course the beach! Sit back and relax at the beach. It’s quite an isolated beach which has a less crowd but despite being one of the best beach destinations in Malaysia.



Don’t pretend like you know where Bentong is. Chances are you probably don’t. To many of us when we think of this quiet town, the first thing that pops up to mind is the infamous Bentong Ginger. And its true, this is where the best ginger is cultivated. But is that it? Nope! Head over to Bentong and check out the various waterfalls that they have especially the Chamang Waterfalls. Beauty at it’s peak.

Bentong Walk. This is a localized tourist attraction not to be missed in the 100 year old town. This is Jonker Walk’s more rustic, eloquent cousin. You will find all sorts of vendors selling every type of street food and then some, with souvenirs and snacks as well as home made handicrafts. While walking you will also get to see experience the grandeur of the old buildings all in its original form.

Hot Springs. Malaysia has tons of hot springs but none as holistic as the ones here in Bentong. There is something in the earth here that creates a more soothing energy that really helps relax and rejuvenate you.

Another thing you can do is check out the Kechara Forest Retreat which is a 35-acre sacred land where you can immerse in the sights of the majestic 24-feet Tibetan guardian deity statue known as the Dorje Shugden. Other highlights include the Medicine Buddha Healing Fountain, Gyenze Chapel and the 11,000 sq. ft. Wisdom Hall where you can pray and make offerings.



So not all of us enjoy nature and greenery. Some of us prefer to stay in the city. If you are planning on being a city bird, then might we suggest a stay at KL. Journal Located in the bustling city centre of Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, this hotel is the place you want to be for all things amazing.

The location is perfect, the hotel is clean, practices all Covid SOPs and the best part is their awesome roof top pool and bar! Trust us when we tell you, this is the height of living it up in the city.

With just a few minutes walk to Pavillion, Lot 10 and the Changkat night life, this is the perfect place for you to check in for your year end festivities.



With a tagline like “A Home for the Creative and the Curious”, there is no wonder that KLoe Hotel is a wanderlust’s home away from home. The hotel boasts 80 artisan rooms and a swimming pool in the courtyard which means it is a haven for instagrammers everywhere. Located just a stone throw away from the bustling Bukit Bintang life, you can do no wrong by booking a room here.


So there you have it boys and girls. Five suggestions from us for your year end extravaganza. Make the most of it!

Enjoy your time off with your loved ones and stay safe.


All pics used in this article courtesy of Google Images.

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